USA, UK: Pro- Israeli, Pro- Palestine Protesters Clash With Police



Footage taken outside the Israeli consulate in Manhattan shows protesters fighting over barricades Tuesday. Consulate workers were sent home earlier in the day as police struggled to keep the groups apart.

Elsewhere, protests took place in Washington DC and LA as hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated. Officials said overnight that 35 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and three in Israel.

Israel carried out hundreds of air strikes in Gaza into the early hours of Wednesday local time, as the Islamist group Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups fired multiple rocket barrages at Tel Aviv and Beersheba. It was the heaviest offensive between Israel and Hamas since 2014, and prompted international concern.

The White House said on Tuesday that Israel had a legitimate right to defend itself from rocket attacks but applied pressure on Israel over the treatment of Palestinians, saying Jerusalem must be a place of coexistence.

Violence erupted in London yesterday as pro-Palestine protesters clashed with police during a demonstration against the continued conflict in the Middle East.

Dozens more people, including as many as ten children, have been killed overnight as Israel and Hamas fired retaliatory missile strikes, with the UN’s Security Council due to meet today to discuss the continuing crisis.

Activists waving flags, banners and placards, featuring messages including ‘Hands Off Jerusalem‘, took to the streets of the English capital on Tuesday to call for an end to the growing unrest.

Former Labour Jeremy Corbyn was also in attendance, addressing thousands of demonstrators who gathered in the city.

But it is understood tensions flared when police attempted to escort away a small group of pro-Israel counter-protesters.

At one point, footage appears to show a demonstrator seemingly deliberately landing on top of two counter-protesters.

Apparently jumping down from above the activist plants both feet on the back and neck of the two counter-protesters before being accosted by officers.

The demonstration in London, held opposite Downing Street, attracted thousands following recent protests in Jerusalem against the eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah.