Plateau PDP/APC War: Go Back To School, PDP Tells Lalong

From Yakubu Busari, Jos
The war of words between the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has continued unabated in Plateau state, as the PDP has insisted that Governor Lalong “lied” over his comments on farmers/herders saga in Plateau state, urging him to, “go back to school and learn how to talk.”
Governor Lalong during the Sun Rise programme on Channels TV on Tuesday had said that security reports at his disposal indicated that both herdsmen and farmers carry AK 47 rifles to protect and defend themselves.
The PDP, in a swift reaction had faulted Lalong’s analogy, demanding that he apologized to farmers and Plateau citizens for “selling them out,” and for wrongly accusing farmers of carrying arms.
In defence, the APC leadership described PDP’s criticism as not only ill-conceived, but misplaced and mischievous.
However, responding to APC’s reaction the PDP on Thursday, through its  Publicity Secretary, Plateau state chapter, John T. Akans, described APC’s reaction as “reckless.”
John T. Akans stated in a statement that: “The reckless response of the APC to the genuine concerns of Plateau people on the recent irresponsible  comments of Governor Lalong leaves one with no feeling other than that of utter disappointment and disgust.
“We continue to wonder how a sane person or party would condone such shameful and self indicting comments of a supposedly elected governor against his people before the entire world, describing it  myopically  as “a storm in a tea cup” Such an idiomatic sense needs recalibration.
“The APC in its desperate attempt to do damage control has created more  harm to Lalong and  its party and have  further exposed their cluelessness in governance.
” The writer, in his usual garrulous, uncouth manner, and attempt to divert peoples attention from the colossal disgrace and failures of the APC, failed woefully to address frank and glaring issues raised by the Peoples Democratic Party.
” They have however succeeded in exposing their immaturity in the whole saga.”
According to him, “what the APC through Mallam Bashir Sati would have done was simply to apologize to Plateau people by acknowledging their principal’s lack of decorum and  emotional Intelligence and his blind romance with a superior power outside of Plateau.
“The damage control mechanism Bashir Sati adopted further exposes the total disregard for the masses that toiled to bring their party to power.
“On an advisory note, we urge the APC to carry out an opinion poll and weigh the level of regret by those who brought the APC to power.
“It will interest Sati and his cohorts to know that intelligent people within that party have times without number hid their faces in shame, hoping and praying for 2023 to come so Mr. Lalong doesn’t continue with this show of shame and disgraceful spree of the beautiful Plateau spirit.”
He said the,”Plateau people are fed up with his uncouth behavior and speeches.
“For the records, the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party in Plateau State is not aware of any faction as being promoted by APC in the state, because any statement released by the APC lacks facts, but always laying emphasis on faction as if they have become a competent Court of law.
“Lalong’s desperate but failed attempt to create a faction  within our party is known to the world. This has hugely deviated his attention from anything governance to 2023 where he hopes to be APC’s presidential running mate.
“APC on the Plateau should advice Lalong to know that having failed woefully as a Governor, he should stop deceiving himself for any future political consideration.
“The APC should note that the Peoples Democratic Party is a party with well articulated programs and roadmap for good governance, unlike the APC that came without a blueprint with about two years to go.
It is indeed true that this sinking political party that only survives on propaganda and deceit is on its way to the grave.
Once again, Governor Lalong  and Plateau APC  should know, that Plateau farmers do not carry AK47″ but hoes and other farming implements, and we have no land for ranching. You lie! Lalong, you lie!.”