Guinean Junta Promises Election With No Member Participating


By Victor Osula, Abuja



The coup plotters that sacked former President Alpha Conde from office on September 5 On Wednesday  said they were prepared to organisae an election that non of the junta’s member would participate in to  usher in a democratically elected president.

They however did not give a concrete time frame for the upcoming elections

This stance by the junta is completely against the position of ECOWAS mediation team, comprising the authority of heads of state in Accra on Guinea, giving the Guinean Junta 6 months to quit.

The transitional government Junta boss Lt.-Col. Mamady Doumbouya  has since called the bluff of the regional organisation’s leaders and that of the African Union, indicting them for supporting dictators in Africa, including Conde who changed the Constitution to get another 5-year term in office without as much as a statement from the AU and ECOWAS.

All indications in Guinea point to the Junta members calling the shots

In a similar development, the Malian junta has commenced a shifting of February 22, 2022 timeframe for elections set by ECOWAS

The implication is a prolongation of military rule in both countries and a further enticement for instability in other West African Countries, observers say.