Empower Youths To Solve Societal Problems, Says Pastor Sambo





By Goodluck Ikiebe.

Excellence Sambo, Pastor in charge of Believers in Christ Assembly, Abuja,


In the efforts to reduce societal problems, there is serious need to empower the youths.

This is what Pastor in charge of Believers in Christ Assembly, Abuja, Excellence Sambo, has been doing to bring succour to the youths and women.

Pastor Sambo, while answering questions from newsmen in Abuja, said that, ” we are very passionate in seeing a happy home, what causes break up in marriages is lack of knowledge, and this causes disharmony”.

He noted that family is the most important influence in a child’s life, from the first moment of life, they depend on parents to protect them and provide for their needs.

“Before you become a family, there is need to understanding some values that are necessary for the relationship to work.”

According to him, understanding yourselves in a relationship is key to happy family, we must not rule out the fact that our culture differs.

Pastor Sambo expressed concern about the high rate of divorce cases, which he says is caused by lack of understanding.

“Many people go into relationship with high expectations and when there is a breach in communication, it can lead to friction at home”.

Pastor Sambo says that his focus is on young people from 18 years old, they need to be educated, mentored and taught on what it takes to go into a relationship.

“At Christ the Healer Academy, we create awareness on building values that attract money and change the orientation of depending on white collar jobs”.

Pastor Excellence Sambo remarked that young people need to be guided and empowered to know their boundaries on the things of life.