We Don’t Wish Buhari Dead, Says APGA

Ekpo Okemini

As exchange of words between the Federal Government and the opposition over the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari rages on the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) have said it dose not wish Buhari dead.

The National Deputy Chairman of the party, Uche Okogbuo stated this in an interview with our correspondent in Uzuakoli, as the claims as counter-claims on the president’s health status have placed the nation on the edge.

He said as the National Chairman of the party, Victor Umeh once said, Buhari is human and not immortal, adding that he could have health challenges like any other human being.

“We in APGA do not wish Buhari dead. We want him alive and healthy to continue with his job until the end of his tenure in office. We all need to be praying for him as our leader,” he noted.

However, he said his personal concern and not that of the party is who can lead the country out of the mess it had been over the years and the one the war against corruption successfully.

He said the government’s anti-corruption crusade had been a far cry from what the people expected, saying the president had been acting as if APC members were not corrupt.

“There is no way he could say that, we believe that Buhari as we know him should be able to confront this canker-worm head-on without minding who is involved.”

He said to him, the fight against corruption had not been all-inclusive, adding that the president had left some sacred cows in his government even as people had been pointing fingers at them.