Referendum: Scotland Minister Threatens Breakaway from the UK



First Minister of Scotland, Ms Nicola Sturgeon




First Minister of Scotland, Ms Nicola Sturgeon has vowed that a referendum will be held if there is a pro-independence majority at Holyrood after May’s elections – where her party is on track to get a landslide.

Sturgeon goaded that Boris Johnson ‘fears the verdict and the will of the Scottish people’ as she said; ‘He is frightened of democracy,’ according to Daily Mail of London

The jibes came as the SNP unveils an 11-point roadmap to splitting the UK, including a Catalonia-style wildcat vote that would effectively force a drastic response from the Prime Minister to stop it having legal effect.

Jubilant SNP MPs said they wanted to ‘focus on undermining the union’, even though all sides made clear the 2014 vote would settle the issue ‘for a generation’.

The separatists lost that contest by 55 per cent to 45 per cent, but polls have been consistently showing that a majority north of the border would now vote to break away. A survey today suggested the margin could be 52 per cent to 48 per cent.

Under the blueprint, Ms Sturgeon would demand that Mr Johnson agree to a ‘Section 30’ order that paves the way to a second independence referendum. The PM has pledged to refuse such a request. But for the first time, the SNP has said it will then hold a referendum anyway, forcing Mr Johnson to make it legal or take the Scottish Government to court to stop it.