Liverpool Send Champions Man City Down the Table As Man U Wins

It Is over Van Djik and Mane seem to say after the later scored the third.


Liverpool appears to have set the tone for the final outcome of the 2019 championship as they walloped defending champions Manchester City 3-1 at Anfield leaving the fans to shout shooooot! any time the Reds entered the 18 yard box.

Right from the start of the game, Liverpool put up such dazzling performance that the goals were telling; in the 6th min from a stunning long drive by Fabinho and a header by Mo Salah from a Robertson cross in the 13th min. At the resumption of play in the second half, the fore works continued and with time Sadio Mane got his goal, again from a cross from Jordan Henderson from the far right. Bernardo Silva pulled one back in the 78th min for City but it was too late. The deed had been done.

The champions tried to pull all the stops but with three goals, the game became faith accompli. With the stunning win, Liverpool soars ahead with solid 9 points at 34 points ahead of the champions who have taken a fourth position with 25 points behind Leicester with 26 points and Chelsea with 26 points. Liverpool look set to break the 30 years jinx.?


Man United Vs Brighton, 3-1

Man United Pereira relishes the goal haul inside the net


Man United proved the bookmakers wrong at old Trafford when they beat Brighton decisively in their match to move to seventh place on the table.

It was a match that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was too happy to win as he had experienced a dry spell with the mercurial team since August.

With goals from midfielder Andreas Pereira and striker Marcus Rashford   a Davy Propper own goal to give United the win, a smiling Solskjaer said: “It was exhilarating and entertaining. How we didn’t end up with five, six or seven I don’t know.”

Wolves vs Aston Villa, 2-1