Liberia Opposition Candidate, Joseph Boakai Wins Marginally 



From   Abubakar Hashim





Joseph Boakai, leading opposition leader has finally emerged winner of the tightly contested elections in Liberia’s democratic history.

Results from the country’s National Electoral Commission NEC, released by the Chairperson, Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansana at exactly 5pm local time, Boakai polled 814,212, representing 50.89%, while Weah polled 785,778, representing 49.11%, in 5,865 polling places, out of 5,890 polling place, totalling 99.5%.

Total votes cast, 1,599,990, with 25,694 invalid votes, while total votes registered, 1,625,684.

The vote differential is 28,434, or 1.78%.

The result is remarkable, not only to Liberia, but to all African countries. The Liberian NEC should be commended for conducting a free fair and credible elections.