Leaked letter Proves Tennis Australia caused Novak Djokovic Visa Debacle As a Second player Is Put in Detention



Novak Djokovic


A leaked letter has revealed that unvaccinated tennis players were told they could attend the Australian Open provided they had COVID within the last six months – piling pressure on Tennis Australia bosses over the Novak Djokovic border debacle.

Guidance sent to players in early December  and now leaked to the press lays out reasons that athletes can qualify for a ‘medical exemption’ to enter Australia, saying that ‘recently recovered cases’ will be allowed into the country.

It is believed that Djokovic travelled to Australia using this exemption only to be stopped at the border and told that he didn’t meet requirements, leaving him languishing in a ‘torture chamber’ hotel used for detained immigrants.

And the fiasco deepened on Friday after it was revealed that at least one other player – Czech Renata Voracova – has also had her visa ripped up after being deemed in violation of the rules and detained alongside Djokovic.  Amid the fallout from the decision, which has sparked street protests in Djokovic’s native Serbia led by his parents, the tennis star broke his silence to post a message thanking supporters on Instagram. Thank You To All People in the World for Your Continuous Support. I can Feel It And It is Greatly Appreciated, he wrote. The Mail

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