Insecurity: If A Governor Can Be Attacked By Gunmen, I Fear For Ordinary Nigerian With No Security, Says Ganduje

From Victor Osula, Abuja
The fate of ordinary citizens in Nigeria may not matter much in the face of worsening insecurity in the country if a governor can be attacked by gunmen yet to be identified, Kano State governor, Alhaji Abdulahi Ganduje has said.
The governor who was visibly worried over rising insecurity in the country in the country, described the situation as unfortunate, while speaking to State House Correspondents after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in his office inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Monday.
Reacting to recent repeated cases of armed attacks on people in authority, especially state governors, Ganduje said it became worrisome that criminals could lay siege on governors, wondering what the fate of the ordinary citizen, who does not enjoy the sort of security protection of governors.
He said: “I think it’s unfortunate, but I believe with appointment of new service chiefs, new strategy will be developed and I think Mr. President has always been serious on this issue, but it is rather unfortunate.
“Not only governors being attacked, anybody who is attacked in Nigeria, one should be worried because life is life. Certainly we’re worried because a governor is supposed to have some security with him, unlike an ordinary man who has no security.
“So you can see how serious the situation is. It’s unfortunate, but we believe will come over it”, he said.
He said Kano had become the safest place in the north as a result of various investments of his administration into security.
“All what I know as of today Kano is the most peaceful state in the federation and this is not by chance, there must be some security measures that we have taken, like full cooperation among the security agencies in Kano State. We introduced the command and control centre; the CCTV where we are viewing the whole Metropolitan Kano, we have the most powerful tracker vehicle, equipment in Kano.
“Falgore Forest where bandits usually inhabit, we said no, not in Kano State. We established a military training ground in Falgore Forest and therefore bandits cannot inhabit it. Our border with Kaduna, we have a forest and where we are establishing ruga programme, we discussed with nomadic Fulani, they agreed to be settled there. In fact, other Fulani are even coming.
“In conjunction with Islamic Bank, we’re building dam, artificial insemination centre, veterinary clinic, school for their children and all what it takes to form a settlement, we’re doing that.
“We also established a security training institute where we are training our young men and women for community policing, even yesterday, I graduated 200. Other 500 are under training there, with the advice of the security agencies in Kano.
“So all these efforts are in order to keep Kano in the peace, apart from other policies in education, free and compulsory education, reforming the Almajiri system, what we have done to the health sector, and so many other things. But this one is left for the people to say”, he said.