In A Blaze of Glory, Obiano Symbolises the Indomitable Anambra Spirit as Anambra Test Runs Facilities At The International Airport, By Anatune



By Joe C. Anatune

Governor Obiano in red mask, wife, Cardinal Anthony Okojie at the airport ground



One thing we and many others concede to Governor Willie Obiano is his consistent personality before and in government. He has a bounce and style that is essentially Willie Obiano. He has not morphed into something different since I came across him in the early days of The League of Anambra Professionals, when we used to converge and meet at Dr. Ndi Onuekwusi’s Ikoyi residence.

Today, when he leads a grateful and happy Ndi Anambra to test run facilities at the new International Airport, we will expect to see him in his full elements. He will expectedly breeze into the arena in panache and swagger and that characteristic Willie Obiano bounce. Why not? He has actually proven that a good anvil fears no hammer. He has pulled the chestnut out of the fire, so let him indulge and motivate Ndi Anambra to go higher. Truth be told, it is not too often that we have fine moments such as this to share, cheer and cherish.

Beyond the effizy, Obiano has shown that he knows his onions. He threw a smokescreen to his traducers, went into his closet to think, plan and work, kept mute and bingo, surfaced with a brand new and oven-baked International Airport that is now the pride of Ndi Anambra. Both his fans and foes are cheering and are in total agreement that his place in our history books is assured.

In recent times, he has been taking a cross-section of Ndi Anambra and other stakeholders on facility visits to the Airport, with his charming wife in tow, in a manner of saying ”come and see what we have done for a greater Anambra.” In such visits, the duo kept determined and expressionless faces, apparently signifying a zest to pull the project to a grand finish, or how else can they dramatise the INDOMITABLE ANAMBRA SPIRIT?

Today, Obiano and wife should have good, even if loud smiles after months of grinding exertions. They can even thump their chests. They can sing and dance in response to the cheering and appreciative Ndi Anambra across the globe.

Yes oo. Because they have connected and taken Anambra to the world. They have given great impetus to tourism and commerce. They have generated employment, which will in turn, impact positively on our internally generated revenue, while reducing youth agitations and security concerns. Psychologically, they have raised the hopes and aspirations of Ndi Anambra that a great Anambra that is respected and well sought-after in Africa is possible.

We laud and congratulate the First Family for this uncommon feat. It promises to be loud in all nooks and corners of Anambra State. We will in unison, cheer the Willingly Working Willie to a blaze of glory and give thumbs up to the indomitable Anambra Spirit, which Obiano symbolises.