Gender Equity Answer To Peaceful Coexistence


From Joseph Amedu, Lokoja



Gender equity in every given society has been identified as the only solution to foster the needed peaceful coexistence among communities and their inhabitants.

The Executive Director, Mercy Corps, a none governmental organization in Kogi state, Mrs Eunice Agbogun made the observation at a One Day Training for Women Peace Council held in Lokoja, the state capital on Tuesday.

She said that the training is targeted at community initiatives toward the promotion of peace down to the rural populace.

Agbogun who disclosed that the training was organized by the United State Agency International Development (USAID) in collaboration with Mercy Corps said that it is part of the sensitization’s efforts for both government and citizens to adhere strictly on ensuring that gender equity and fairness reign supreme in all activities where both male and female folks will have equal opportunities.

According to her “Gender equity is highly desirable in peace building in any given society. Gender in a general term refers to economic, social, political and cultural attributes and opportunities of ensuring that both male and female have access or control of resources on equal bases as well as maintaining equity in decision taken”

The Executive Director affirmed that peace is every body’s business which they must work together to build in communities across the globe.

“If there is no peace in every nation of the world there cannot be any meaningful development

“Building better relationship among communities would no doubt strengthen and solidify peace at the grass roots. Even though we are of different background we should be able to coexist in a more peaceful manner” She further maintained.

She also stressed the need for proper management of conflicts among communities with a view to arriving at amicable resolutions that would guide against escalation of violence, crisis and other vices.

“To avoid conflicts, we must imbibe the spirit of peace building in our immediate environment” Agbogun said.