Children’s Day : Moral Rebranding Group Calls for Good Conduct.


By Satara John.

Evangelist Nnamdi Okpara Country Director,Mater Dei Communication Centre.



A moral rebranding group, Mater Dei Communication Centre, has called on the Nigerian Children to be of good conduct as the celebrate Children’s Day.

The Country Director, Evangelist Nnamdi Okpara, made the appeal in a statement to mark the occasion of international children’s day celebration.

” The international children’s day calls for a celebration of Nigerian children. These are the people that will hold our future, the pride of the nation and gift from God, hence we should appreciate and cherish them”

Evangelist Nnamdi Okpara counselled the children to be mindful of the moral lessons they have learnt from parents, guardians, teachers and other members of the society, to shape them into becoming better leaders tomorrow.

He advised the children to remember that they are the agents for transforming Nigeria into a truly great nation.

” We want to assure you that the federal government of Nigeria owed it as an obligation to you that you have the right to free education, quality health services, free transportation to schools and free meal”.

Evangelist Okpara urged the children to stay away from vices like cultism, violence, examination malpractices and lateness to school, adding that they should imbibe the spirit and culture of queuing at bus stops and other places.

” There are brighter future ahead for you all in Nigeria”, Okpara assured.