Anambra 2021: Winning Nov 6 Governorship More Important for PDP, Says Okonkwo

Dr. Obiora Okonkwo addressing stakeholders, statutory delegates, LG and Ward executives of Nnewi South LGA at Ukpor, Friday
Frontline aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), for the November 6 governorship election in Anambra State, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, has told the party’s delegates in Nnewi South and Nnewi North local government areas, that taking over the reins of power from the ruling party, is a more important task for PDP.
Speaking when he addressed stakeholders including statutory delegate, LG and Ward executives of the party at both Ukpor in Nnewi South and Ichi in Nnewi North, Dr. Okonkwo said the party must therefore approach the election with it’s best candidate.
Acknowledging that everyone who has a Schools certificate is qualified to contest to be governor of the state in accordance to the constitutional requirements, Okonkwo however said only the “best of the best” can upstage the ruling party in the election.
He said that though contesting to defeat an incumbent is not an easy task, Okonkwo told the delegates that with him flying the PDP flag in the election, even the ruling party would stand no chance.
According to him “every one aspiring to govern Anambra state is good, but Anambra has gone beyond the good. We now need the best of the best to lead the state into a more promising future because only the best knows what to do to create jobs, create wealth and lift the people away from poverty”.
“I have been a wealth creator. I have created jobs. It is something that I have done over the past 30 years. So, doing so as governor will be playing on a familiar turf. That is one thing I promise to do because our youths need jobs”, he added.
Okonkwo who sympathised with youths in the state for the failure of government to lift them from poverty said “when I see our youths, I only pity them because the state has failed them. They have been to school but have no jobs. Many of them have taken to drugs not because that is what they want but because of frustration. Youth, I promise you one thing: you will be meaningfully employed”.
Okonkwo also urged women in the state to look forward to good things once he becomes governor.
According to Okonkwo, “our women deserve the best. We are in this race to change their stories. They must begin to reap the fruit of their labour. They must enjoy the benefits of being mothers”, he said.
Okonkwo, who was recieved to a tumultuous reception at Ukpor, was gifted a white ram by the delegates who said he represents their view of the next leadership of the state.
Representatives of the Stakeholders, women and youths groups, who spoke at the Ukpor meeting that held at Ukpor Twon Hall, pledged to work for Okonkwo’s success at the June 26 primary election.
Though they spoke separately, they agreed that PDP can not approach the next election putting its wrong foot first.
According to them, “Okonkwo remains the best positioned to snatch victory from the ruling party”.
Stakeholders and delegates in Nnwei North, who spoke in the same vein, insisted that Okonkwo holds the ace in the race.
They also pledged their support to him.