Parent Of Kidnapped Student Implicates Sheikh Gumi In Ransom Deal


ByAyo Kehinde



One Ahmed, a Fulani agent of the kidnappers of students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, Kaduna State was introduced by Sheikh Ahmad Gumi to parents who allegedly paid N800,000 as transport to the agent to meet the abductors, it was disclosed on Tuesday.

On March 11, 2021, 39 students of the school were kidnapped by bandits in the state. Out of the 39 students, 10 had so far been released, remaining 29 of them.

One of the protesting parents at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja on Tuesday, told reporters outside the Assembly complex that they could not collect the money demanded by the abductors because they were penniless widows. One of the parents of the kidnapped students told Roots Television: 

“We kept going for meetings. They took us to Gumi’s house who said we should meet one Ahmed. I’ve forgotten the name. A Fulani man was invited, we contributed almost N800,000 to him but he said the money was just for transportation. Then I started crying and pleaded with him that I am a widow, training my boy to become my helper in the future but he said that was not his concern.”

Another woman at the protest ground, who identified herself as a widow, said that the kidnappers who initially asked them to get the N500 million ransom from government and when she told them that they had no one to connect them to the state government, the kidnapper asked if they would abandon their children if the government failed to assist them.

According to her, the kidnapper asked if they would abandon their children if the government failed to budge.

On Tuesday, the parents protested at the National Assembly, calling on the Federal Government to help them secure the release of their children.