Chelsea Are Uefa Champions, Beat ManCity 1-0


L-R: Easily man of the match, Ngolo Kante who held the midfield and defence like a  proverbial Rock of Gilbratar and keeper and players in jubilation



Imagine Chelsea’s manager, Thomas Tuchel running into the pitch with his two daughters in celebration of their 1-0 victory over Manchester City who lost their first Uefa championship league final.

  Tuchel speaking to BT Sport: “To share it with everybody is incredible. We made it. Wow. I don’t know what to feel.

“I was so grateful to arrive a second time [in the final]. I felt different. We were somehow… You could feel it getting closer.

“The [players] were determined to win this. We wanted to be a stone in their shoe. We encouraged everybody to step up and step out, to be more brave and create dangerous counter-attacks.

“It was a tough physical game. We had to help each other out.”

For Chelsea goal scorer Kai Havertz who scored the only goal of the match by rounding off the goalkeeper Ederson Moares; “I don’t know what to say. I really don’t know what to say. I waited a long time, ” he said while speaking with BT Sports. “Now I want to thank my family, my parents, my grandmother and my girlfriend. I don’t know what to say. I’ve waited 15 years for this moment and now it’s here.”

It was a massive win for Chelsea who flounder in the English Premier League before arrival of Tuchel. His tactics has pushed them to the last four in the EPL season and after their second premiership victory over City at Etihad Pep Guardiola had boosted that he had found the German out.

He did not prove it at the Championship final today, Saturday as City could not put the ball in the net despite many 18-yard box chances and 64 per cent ball possession. This is the second time Chelsea is winning the cup.

Daily Mail Sport sums it all up this way: “Nine years ago, Chelsea beat the Barcelona of Guardiola and Lionel Messi in the last four and then destroyed Bayern Munich’s dreams in their own stadium in the final. When it comes to defiance, this is a club that wrote the book and on Saturday night, as everyone prepared to welcome Manchester City to the pantheon of European Cup winners, a new Chelsea, the Chelsea of Thomas Tuchel and Kante thwarted them and Guardiola again.”