Your Health Is In Your Hands, Says An Expert


By Kule Olusanya



The alarming increase in degenerative diseases has accompanied a drastic change in our lifestyle. The food we eat has changed. The lives we lead are different from that of our ancestors and evidently faster. The air we breathe is polluted.

Conventional healthcare system has become grossly impersonal and concerned solely with treating the symptoms. A holistic approach is aimed primarily at understanding the individual as well as finding the cause for any imbalance.

About 80 per cent of causes of illness have been linked to stress. This fact has been validated, time and time again, by infallible and incontrovertible empirical evidence.

These are the issues that will be discussed at this seminar.

The main objective of this seminar is to arrest the cascading effects of stress on people generally. Such health conditions as sudden death syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular disease (heart attack), stroke hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, stomach ulcer, insomnia, migraine headache, respiratory disorder, low back disorder, sexual dysfunction, low sperm count, barrenness, dementia, Alzheimer etc have become pervasive and epidemic that we believe that now is the time to confront the culprit (stress) holistically and realistically.

Today, the critical measure of the health of the average Nigerian show serious decline. Empirical evidences have revealed, “that stress literacy can significantly mitigate the negative effects of stress in our personal lives.”

Speaking at the seminar will be some Chinese health and wellness experts. It promises to be one of a kind. You surely don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity.

Date is on Tuesday, June 25 and the venue is Alberta Events Place, between Conoil and Total Petrol Filling station, opposite Apostolic Church by Alapere Bus stop on Ojota-Oworonsoki Expressway, Lagos