YMA Tasks FG On Job Creation for Youths

The Nigeria government should provide equal opportunities for the youths to pursue their chosen dreams and careers as a solution for youth restiveness and upsurge in criminal activities in the country.

President, Young Men Activity (YMA), Umuahia 3rd Ward, Umuahia, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, William Chinedum Maduagwuna said this to Thisage after the ward’s monthly YMA program in Umuahia.

Maduagwuna said such unhindered access would enable the youngsters to showcase their talents in different areas of human endeavor and thereby create employment opportunities for themselves and others.

He said such opportunities should be in education, which he described as basic to human development, empowerment, and employment, adding that by so doing the government would encourage hard work in them.

According to him, the Church program, which had as its theme “Plan of Salvation: the purpose of creation of man” was aimed at encouraging the members to obey God and to keep His commandments.

He said: “We also thought them to be repentant of their sins, have faith in God in whatever they do, and to pattern their lives according to that of Jesus Christ, who too was also a youth like them.”

“We believe that God answers to prayers in three ways, namely: immediately, latter, or never if He considers that the thing prayed for will not be beneficial to the person as His beloved child.”

Similarly, Bishop Uwabuoriri Constantine Iroh said the church does not only teach the members the gospel, but also conducts wholesome recreational activities like the program for them.

“What played out today is part of it. We also teach them spiritual things. We teach them to emulate the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as our savior and author of our faith,” he maintained.

Iroh said while Jesus Christ was growing up under His earthly parents He did not loose sight of the mission He had received from His heavenly father, saying as He did that He found favour with the father.

He said, “Youths should listen to their earthly parents in as much as the parents don’t lead them to worship idol or to do something contrary to the will of God. They should listen to them.”

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