World Mourns With New Zealand Over Christchurch Mosque Shooting



Christchurch, the capital of New Zealand is still reeling from the terrorist attack during Friday prayers at two New Zealand mosques in the country’s worst ever mass shooting, which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemned as terrorism.

The shooting left 49 persons dead and more than 40 wounded. A dozen more are still struggling to survive in hospitals.

Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minster says this is the very worst nightmare that country has witnessed in recent years.

A twenty-eight year old man, considered an extremist, has been charged with the shooting. Neighbours have been sending condolences, including UK PM ,Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth of England, Mayors of London and Washington.

“A horrible massacre”, US President Donald Trump, tweeted, adding, “the US stands with New Zealand in this dark hour.”

France’s Emmanuel Macron had in addition asked his security agencies to step up security around the country.