World Bank Confab: Earthquake Welcome Participants to Bali

Nik Ogublue’s MONEY REPORT in Bali

Participants at the ongoing World Bank Annual Meetings going on in Bali, Indonesia woke up at the early hours of Wednesday to scamper for safety. They were forced to abandon their sleep when their beds began to shake due to a slight earthquake.

Indications emerged few minutes later that a midseason tremor had hit another Island, 146 kilometers from Bali

Most visitors are still uncomfortable with the development despite assurances from the government that lives and property were safe. The 4-day conference ends on October 14

No causality was however recorded as the incident occurred mid-sea near in Sumenec Regency, in the earthquake prone Java.

Rescuers are still searching for victims after an earthquake and tsunami hit Palu and Donnggala cities of the country a week ago, official death toll put at 2,000.