Wizkid And Dad Comes Alive In Akeem’s Portrait


The Portrait of Wizkid and his father


Pencil artist, Alesh Akeem has once again lived up to his name by releasing a portrait of popular Nigerian singer Wizkid and a throwback picture of the singer’s father.

In a life-size portrait, Akeem translated images of Wizkid and his father into a drawing with the caption : “Some people don’t believe in super heroes, but they haven’t met my Dad”

According to Akeem “ I’m doing this is because I believe everyone has a hero, we all have someone that forever inspires us in one way or another. So it’s not a bad idea if we celebrate these people using arts. ”

He added that the project, which he titled “MY HERO SERIES” aims at celebrating distinguished people and showcasing their true heroes.

He said that the “My Hero Series” would begin immediately after his current project- “Celebrating 10 Kings”.

“Celebrating 10 Kings” tour would take Akeem on visits to10 Kings across Africa whom he considers have held their thrones with outstanding and remarkable excellence.

Akeem in his studio