What Ezekwesili Said At Chatam House

By Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

It is frightening how far fake news could go to douse the impact of
positive public communication.
As someone who was present when the Presidential candidate of the Allied
Congress Party of Nigeria, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, addressed Nigerians
at the Chatam House, I found it odd to believe that some Nigerians could
actually twist the facts to suit their personal interests.

In clear and simple language, Ezekwesili stated her determination to
foster unity and equality among Nigerians if elected president of the

She said she was determined to ensure that the constitutional rights of
Nigerians would always be upheld by government, noting that there was a
need to address the growing rate of poverty in Nigeria as well as uphold
the rule of law in the opportunities available to every Nigerian
regardless of race, region, religion, status or gender.

These were her words: “There is no doubt that Nigeria is a multi-plural
nation. We are different people with diverse language, age, gender,
religion, beliefs and status. As the president, I promise to play a role
that acknowledges our differences yet fosters unity of diversity. All
citizens will be accorded the fundamental rights guaranteed within the
provisions of our constitution and laws.”

I was therefore flabbergasted to read in some online sites that the ACPN
Presidential candidate promised to protect gay rights. As the President
she is obligated to protect human rights, which are not equivalent to
gay rights.

What Ezekwesili said was that if elected, her administration will work
collaboratively with the judiciary and the legislature to safeguard
every citizen’s rights as guaranteed in our constitutional democracy and
ensure the protection of human rights according to the rule of law.