Watford Spank Liverpool, 3-0

Salah’s expression says it all, devastated

Unbelievable. Shocking. Terrific. Emphatic win: Watford gave the Reds a spanking at home, they did not just won the match. The story’s edge is that the League Champion hopeful with 22 points clear could not score al least one goal. Moreover, they stopped the Reds unbeaten run with the classic defence and ruthless counter attack.  Ismaila Sarr brace in the 54th and 60th mins and a Deeney’s 72nd min goal said it all for the relegation bound Watford.Yes,  “Liverpool’s unbeaten Premier League streak – and run of 18 successive wins – comes to an end in dramatic fashion.”

 Liverpool’s 44-game unbeaten league run ends in stunning style. Their previous league had come in January 2019. The win left Watford on the relegation bar with same 27points with first on the zone, Bournemouth, except with minus 16 goal difference to the latter’s minus 17.

Liverpool got the statistics at 71 per cent to Watford’s 29 per cent. But the shots at goal and on target tell the whole story. Watford had 14 shots and 7 on target while Liverpool had 7 shots and 1 on target.