UNIJOS: Parents Accuse Management of Exploiting Admissions




From Yakubu Busari, Jos



Parents who paid for their wards to attend the mandatory one year remedial courses offered by the University of Jos to prepare students for admission into undergraduate programmes have accused the university authority of offering admissions their children to study different and unrelated courses.

The University of Jos runs the remedial science courses under the Faculty of Sciences with the sole aim to prepare students with academic deficiency in meeting the necessary requirements for admission into sciences courses at the undergraduate level. But it turned out that after undergoing the remedial courses, the university offered admissions in arts related courses.

Apart from regretting paying huge sums of money on the programmes, parents said they are facing another dilemma resulting from the rejection of the admissions by their children. They feel scammed by the university, which appears to have raked in millions of Naira through the scheme.

According to some parents, student who had planned to study courses like pharmacy, medicine were offered admissions in Fine and Applied Arts, Adult Education, Music, Physical Education and Learning Disability.

A parent, Mr Musa Lohbut said, ” My son just completed his remedial course in the University of Jos with the intention to study Pharmacy, unfortunately he was offered Fine and Applied Arts despite the huge amount of money I paid for the remedial programme, which he passed

“What is painful is that he told me that he would not accept the offer. I couldn’t believe him, thinking he was joking. I had to go to the university’s notice board to check and confirm things for myself. On the following day when I went to check, I found out he was offered admission to study Fine and Applied Arts. I was confused. There I heard many students lamenting their plight over the admission. I went straight to the H.O.D’s office for enquiry on the change of course. I was told that we must complete the registration first before we can apply for change of course after the payment of N30,000.00, equivalent to the school fees.”

“I tried to convince my son to accept the offer, he said he will not accept the course and that it is better for him to stay without schooling. He does not trust the school to keep to their promise. He felt it was all about money. I am confused”

On his part, Mr Danjumma Gotak, another parent, lamented that his son who has a background in science was offered admission to study Adult Education.

“To me, this sudden change of course after expectations based on the undertaken remedial studies, would affect the psyche of the student because that was not what he intended to study.

“My son passed his remedial science courses and was offered to read Learning Disability. I want to ask, what is the relationship of that course to any science course? I know how much I spent as his fees so I am not pleased with what University of Jos had done. This is uncalled for. I appeal to the university of Jos to reverse the admission of the students and properly place them in science related courses . I also appeal to the institution to, as an alternative,  scrap the department of remedial science, because there is no any basis for its existence.”

“I expected the University to consider and place priority on the remedial students during admission before any other departments.

When our correspondent visited the institution he found that the management has removed the admission list of successful candidates from the noticeboard to avoid embarrassment.

Efforts to speak with the Public Relations Officer of the institution, Abdullahi Abdullahi proved abortive as he was not present during a visit to his office and he did not pick or return any phone call.