Time To Restructure Nigeria, Says Bishop Osagie

By Shina Alo
The founding Pastor of Power line Bible Church, Bishop Lawrence Osagie, has called for the restructuring of Nigeria, urging the Federal Government to revisit the reports of previous national conferences with the view to implementing them or call for a referendum.

He made the call while speaking with newsmen on the state of the nation at his Church in Lagos on Wednesday.

The cleric noted that the various agitations in the Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and South south are indications that the people want freedom and wants to be heard.

According to Bishop Osagie,  “There has been clamour for self-determination. We are in a time people are searching for freedom. Why do we still run a country where dissents are stifled? We should revisit most of the crucial decisions of our conferences. Our best minds were gathered to proffer solutions and in the end, their ideas were dumped.

“The geographical entities can stay on their own if they are allowed to do so.  Some sovereign national conference should be revisited. There should be a total restructuring or a referendum so that those who want to go should be allowed to go, instead of being in a country where you are not allowed to be free.

“Nigeria is like a woman whose breast has dried up and can no longer feed her children.  Government should find solution to the nation’s problems. We should go to the root cause of the problems and when you are insensitive to the needs of the people, you are inviting anarchy.

“Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, South-south are all agitating for one thing or the other, we should hear them out.”

He called for an end to the so-called Godfathers who choose and anoint leaders and throw the nation into chaos, adding, “they should find themselves a hamlet and rest.”

Reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari’s medical vacation in London, Bishop Osagie expressed gratitude to God on his safe return to the country.

“From the president’s experience, there are certain things we are not in control of, therefore there should be structures in place when a thing like this occurs, so the nation is not thrown into unnecessary panic.

“When he was away, people said many things; some even said he was dead. Nigeria should not be saddled with this kind of chaos any more. Once you are elected, you become the people’s property. Let people know about you to avoid heating the polity.

“Anybody can fall sick because we are human. Nobody knows the kind of sickness he is going through till date. Now that he is back, he should tell Nigerians what manner of sickness he has so that those who can pray will pray; those who have expertise in medicine can come in.

“The preponderance of politicians running to foreign lands to seek medical solutions, where is our pride as a nation, where are our professionals, prize winners in medicine? Nigeria has well educated medical experts; the money spent by the president on one medical trip can equip a hospital to take care of political office holders, unless we are wasting time in this country.

“I want to wish the president well but if the sickness persists, he should search his conscience and place the country above self and resign on the basis of ill-health, and let those that are healthy run the country, many people have done that. If he does so, he would be applauded. We have capable and healthy hands that can run this country effectively.

“We should stop the colonial masters, when they came here they came with a purpose and they achieved that. We can change that status-quo by doing things right.

“The money spent going abroad should be redirected to equip at least one Teaching Hospital to take care of politicians. We beg for everything but we are sitting on gold and diamond, ” Bishop Osagie stated.

He also implored people to run to God, adding that people attend services on Sundays without sincerity, saying they should do so with all sincerity.

He decried the skyrocketing food prices, but assured Nigerians that the God who provided the Israelites manna day and night has never changed, and would continue to take care of his people.

On the state of the economy, the cleric said, “Somebody ran this country to attain the best economy in Africa, then another came and brought us to where we are. We want a leader who will take the country from one glory to another glory and not glory to shame.

“Things are going wrong because leaders come to power and set aside laudable projects because another person’s name is attached to the project. Continuity should be enshrined in the constitution where the incoming administration continues from where the previous one stopped.

“Leaders should not think they are the best. Leaders are elected to improve people’s lives, but some come to complicate them, making it difficult for people to do business.”



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