Takaya, Youth Leader Seek Adequate Security In Middle-Belt

Yakubu Busari, Jos




Radical politician, Dr Bala Takaya has charged the youths of the middle-belt zone “ to understand the full meaning of being a youth and be ready to take responsibility for the protection and defence of their immediate communities considering their vigour and the expectation of becoming the bread winner of their homes.”

Speaking against the background of the recent killings in Benue and Taraba states, Takaya stressed that the recent killings in the areas were well coordinated by the perpetrators just as their sudden disappearance without a trace.

Dr Takaya was guest speaker at the middle belt youth 2018 summit held at Hotel Samaritan, Rayfield, Jos South Local Government of Plateau state.
Also speaking at the occasion, the National President of the Middle Belt Youth Association, Comrade Emmanuel Gupar has said the youths in the zone are committed to the struggle and progress of one Nigeria  until the present political system allows them to  produce  the next president of the country .
He assured the youths at the occasion of the association’s readiness to achieved the dream, adding that the people of the middle belt have paid the supreme sacrifice for the unity of one Nigeria but they are been killed rather than have something equal to show for their contribution to the national development of this country.

Dr Takaya accused the National Assembly members and the governors of the middle belt of siphoning money meant for the development of the areas into the private use, alleging that as high as 75 per cent of their constituency budget goes into private accounts.

He blamed politician from middle belt for treating with levity the issue of insecurity arising from the constant killings of the people in southern Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Taraba, Adamawa , Gombe, Yobe and Borno states and urged the youths to “take a stand and speak with one voice against the common enemy bent on destroying their ancestral homes.”

He said “I want you to view the situation and swung into action because this land doesn’t belong to you but to your grand children, your grandfathers; defended the land and all that is left for you to enjoy today. Don’t behave like the greedy politician .

He explained that the middle belt has suddenly disappear without recognition in the political map of the country and supported the call for the restructuring of the country before the people of the zone are exterminated.

He said, ”We area brainstorming on the way forward on how to regain our economic emancipation to guarantee our youths the freedom to participate actively in the affairs of their communities. We are not afraid of resource control, we have enough to feed our communities.

” Today we will all come up with the collective resolution to stand and pursue the agenda to make us relevant into politics and also to build synergy with the South-south, the South -west, the South -East to form a strong army to defend our communities”.

Lamenting what he referred to as “lack of political and economic power to face the challenges in the area”, Gupar stressed that the    people can secure the security of the zone through collective agitation .

” We can not continue been mourners and burying our love ones. If federal and state governments can’t protect our people we need to establish a network of army of watchmen amongst us to watch over our communities against invasion”, he added.

He lamented that if these people that snick in the night to killed our people are foreigners does that meant that Nigeria government can’t protect lives and properties of its citizens? ,we are always vulnerable to the foreigners who now eyes our land .

He insisted that until restructuring of the polity is carried out, “ the Christian minority tribes cannot contest for political power and change the inhuman conditions many find themselves in their own states in the Northern part of the country.