SUBEB Boss Blasts “Prophetic Churches” in Nigeria


Yakubu Busari, Jos


Professor Sule


The Executive Chairman of Plateau State Universal Basic Education Board, Prof. Mathew Sule has raised the alarm over the large scale acts of corruption which has almost become malignant and thus institutionalised in the country.

Speaking at the 22nd National Conference of the Catholic Men Organisation of Nigeria, CMON, held at St Murumba college, Jos, Prof Sule said ,”there appears to be a state of dysfunction in public leadership, we should have rethinking on how best we shall help our country to turn around its fortunes. However, the opportunity created by this meeting is most gratifying as men from difference cultural background are converging to discuss issues of common interest for the advancement of the Church.”

Sule, who was chairman of the occasion, noted that the emergence of false prophets is not indigenous to the contemporary era, as the Bible has explained about them even before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

According to him, those fake prophets take advantage of the precarious economic situation in Nigeria and the world to create the proliferation of “prophetic churches”, while some are driven by harsh economic conditions to survive.

He lamented that these fake prophetic churches are being patronised by people who requiring genuine help, saying, “ I consider it quite apt and indeed a timely response by the church to address the many misconception associated with the issue of false prophets “.

He maintained that the holiness exemplified by obedience to the word of God ,which is the epicentre of Christ message, is often not given prominence and commended the Catholic Men Organisation of Nigeria (CMON)  for introducing the program that would enhance the teaching and knowledge of Jesus Christ in educating and enlightening Christians to imbibe sound teaching .

Prof Sule reiterated that Nigeria is facing a lot of challenges in the polity, the economy and the general deplorable social standard because the quality of leadership especially in the public institutions leaves much to be desire.

He called on the church to note that it is a viable and potent agent of change to rejuvenate the society and make it more functional.