Soyinka Calls For Resistance Against Herdsmen

By Ayo Kehinde


Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has called for resistance against what he called “a phenomenon of internal colonisation that has been going on for at least the past eight years ”, referring the menace of herdsmen all over the country. Soyinka who addressed a press conference in Lagos on Tuesday said that following the untamed menace of the herdsmen his Ogun home state, a vigilante group has been organised to arrest the situation.

According to him the organised resistance would henceforth report the unwholesome activities of the herdsmen to the police and if “the police failed to disarm them, this group would move in to disarm them” He clarified that the group was not a militia to fight any herdsman.

“The important thing is the consciousness of a need for organised resistance against the incursion of cows.

“In Ogun State, we have formed a sort of informal organisation called OSHA, Ogun State Hunters Association and we intend to collaborate with similar movements, the police and the military,” he said.

“I wish to commend the governors in the various organisation which are now beginning to understand that they must start policing themselves.

“If we want to take the phenomenon seriously, it will be to ensure that anytime they see an armed herdsman, they report to the nearest police station. If by a certain time that group of armed herdsmen are not disarmed, then this organisation will move and disarm them.”

The Nobel laureate said further that he is not happy with ‘the body language’ of the government in handling the matter.

He condemned what he termed the body language of the Federal Government regarding its lukewarm response to the violent activities of the herdsmen whom he described as another brand of Boko Haram terrorists

On the ongoing debate about the proper mode to adopt as a solution between cattle colonise and cattle ranching, Soyinka voted for the latter. Asked what he would tell President Buhari if he were to meet with him, he replied: “Mr President, I think you are in a trance. The better you get out of it the better for the nation”.