Randy 17 year-old SS3 Student Impregnates Mother of Two



Yakubu Busari , Jos

A married woman who abandon her matrimonial home under the guise of misunderstanding with the husband got herself impregnated by a 17- year- old Student of Government Science Secondary School in Kuru, a suburb of Joseph South Local Government Council in Jos, the Plateau state capital.

The woman according to a close friend, left her matrimonial home sometime eight months ago and met the youngster at her mother’s home where he is employed to help with house chores.

The SSS3 student who is presently writing his final year examination in Science school Kuru couldn’t be reach owning to the fact that he has gone back to school to battle with his papers.

Trouble started when the 30 year-old mother of two took ill and the mother rushed her to one of the hospital in Jos for immediate treatment only to be confirmed that she was three months pregnant.

Her mother, a director with a state government ministry, got alarmed by the development and is now confused as to how to engage his son-in-law

Information available revealed that the said son-in-law is a staff of the United Nations (UN), redeployed to Maiduguri (Borno state) .

Before his leaving for his assignment he is said to have had a disagreement with his wife, which led to misunderstanding for short period of time, prompting the woman to abandon her marital home to seek accommodation with her parent where she has been for eight months.

This medium gathered that her mother had insisted she must return to her husband but for the insistence of some of her aunties who rallied to support her, including the relatives who prevailed on her mother to allow her stay so they could find a solution to their feud before she returned to her husband.

Our correspondent learnt that some weeks ago, the woman fell sick and was admitted in one of the hospitals in Jos and after series of medical tests, her doctor informed her that she was two months pregnant.

It is said that initially, her mother was happy, believing that the new development could serve as basis of reconciliation until the husband denied responsibility and urged his mother-in-law and others to workout the arithmetic.

Indeed, it didn’t take them much time to agree with the husband. She left him eight months ago; however, the pregnancy is two months old. Therefore, it means that she took-in one month after leaving her husband. After much pressure, she was said to have confessed to the adultery, naming the school boy as responsible.

This development is said to have created upheavals between the families of the couple.

However, the husband is said to have made it categorically clear that he wants his wife back home but has warned her not to abort the pregnancy. According to a source, the husband wants her to deliver of the baby and hand it over its father (that’s the school boy) before she returns to his house. But fearing that his message may have some coded meaning, the woman is said to be in a state of shock as to what to do.

A source close to the family of the woman informed this newspaper that they were shocked over the development, saying that the same school boy was the one running errands for the woman and always addressing her as ‘aunty’.

Neighbours who spoke to our correspondent wondered why the woman would fall so low and ridiculed her husband whom they claim have lived up to his responsibility as the head of the family.

He also learnt that the family of the school -boy parents are furious over the development, describing the attitude of the woman as devilish.