Perspectives On Lagos LG Chairmanship Race

By Charles Ikhaghe


Even if you do not subscribe entirely to Governor Ambode’s vitriolic salvos in the political sphere, you cannot deny the fact that the vibrant governor who holds the banner of All Progressive Congress (APC) has certainly raised the bar governance in Nigeria’s centre of excellence state.

This will perhaps explain why Lagos residents have acknowledge the fact that Governor Ambode has contributed immensely to the development of Lagos State since he had been saddled with the governance of the state

Indeed, those who are familiar with the development of the state since the dawn of democracy in 1999 can eloquently testify that Governor Ambode has impacted positively on the lives of Lagos State citizens. From road construction including the provisions of walkways and drainage system, buses, to the rehabilitation and building of schools, to healthcare delivery system, and the special intervention such as the runaway father of three twins whose family he rescued from abject poverty etc. Governor Ambode has certainly improved the living standards of Lagos State residents.

It is against the background that as the governor prepares to conduct local government election this year, the candidates should be properly screened to ascertain if by their antecedent, they can further lift Lagos State to the next level.

Incidentally, since the historic victory of the APC in the 2015 presidential election which saw President Muhammadu Buhari ascend the throne in Aso Rock, Abuja, almost all the gladiators in Lagos State politics have become APC member and are jostling for its 2017 chairmanship ticket.

Yet, given the anti-corruption war sweeping the political landscape of the country being spearheaded by President Buhari himself, it is doubtful if these career politicians contesting for the LG chairmanship election will pass corruption text that will be a compelling imperative in the selection process at the APC chairmanship election.

From this standpoint, it would appear that chairmanship candidate with clean record and have made tremendous success in their chosen field may as well find favor among APC leadership in the state.

It is against this background that the candidacy of Mallam Ahmed Jaji is receiving a great deal of popular appeal among the rank and file members of APC in Ojodu LGA.

As he is well known in Ojodu, local Government Areas, Mallam Jaji has proved his mettle having rendered meritorious service to Nigerians in general and Ojodu residents in particular as Executive Secretary for Ojodu Local Government Council Development Area in Lagos state between (6th January, 2015 – 10th June, 2016).

For instance, he served as transition committee member for Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Area (2002-2004), Officer Century Merchant Bank Ltd 1988-1992, and moved to the position of Assistant Manager Merryl Guaranteed savings & Loans Ltd.

Beyond all that, Jaji has been very prominent in social-political activities that uplifted and continue to improve the life of Ikeja LGA and Ifako residents respectively. These services will stand him in good stead as the race for Ojodu Secretariat intensifies.

All things considered, the resourceful political analyst certainly stand a good chance of clinching the Ojodu chairmanship ticket under the platform of APC not only because he is a gem and has excelled in his chosen profession but more-so because he has a social vision that will further elevate Lagos to greater heights.

Thus, as we move towards the 2017 LG election race in Lagos state, all eyes are on the rising profile of Moyo Jaji who is expected to hold aloft the APC banner in the LG election in the state and thereafter receive the baton to occupy Ojodu Secretariat.