PDP Frowns At Non-Disclosure Of Buhari’s Health Status

By Ayo Kehinde

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has expressed worry over what it described as the deliberate attempt by the Presidency to surround the health of President Buhari in secrecy given the overall importance of his fitness to issues of governance and societal well-being.

In a press conference in Abuja, yesterday, the party said the health check undertaken by Buhari in between official trips to the United States and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in April, shows more than meets the eye, until the recent public disclosure of his latest journey to the United Kingdom for medical attention.

“This admission, though belated and coming after intense public pressure, has now put to rest, speculations on the health status of the President, as well as his attendant inability to effectively govern,” said the party

“It is however very unfortunate that the President and his handlers had chosen to shroud the issue of his persistent illness in secrecy under a government that prides itself on claims of transparency and integrity.

Whereas we have nothing against Mr. President’s decision to take care of his ailing health as we are all subject to human frailties, Nigerians detest the deception, lies and beguiling that had trailed the handling of his unabating health issue. Even as we speak, Nigerians are not aware of the ailment our President is suffering from and the identity of the doctors and the hospital attending to him.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that President Buhari would always embark on medical tourism abroad when his administration has completely refused to address the poor state of the health sector in Nigeria, for which medical personnel are currently on strike across the nation.”

The party also spoke on it “the gross violation of human rights, mass killings, state sponsored violence, persecution of opposition, subversion of democratic tenets and large scale corruption by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC) Federal Government,” and called on” the world not to fold its hands and watch as official impunity and imminent despotism override civil liberty and rule of law in Africa’s largest democracy.”