Opinion: ‘Corona-Coupling’…and Contemporary Covid-19 Battle Heroes


By Imikan Attah


In what the UN has described as the most challenging crisis since World War II, Covid-19 has taken the lives of upwards of 70,320 people worldwide as at Monday April 6 2020.Fresh cases are continuing to be reported regularly the world over- sometimes, with outlandish reactions to positive testing . Or what can one say about the case of the Hollywood actor Idris Elba, whose public announcement of contracting coronavirus disease sent shockwaves everywhere ?

That news meant that even Hollywood stars could get the disease, too- incredible to a lot of people that time. And then, not up to one week later came another mild shock, still from the same household: “Idris Elba’s wife Sabrina tests positive for coronavirus after self-isolating with actor”! Now, what has really created a buzz on social media is Sabrina’s action that led to this positive finding.

Sabrina Dhowre-Elba was interviewed on FaceTime by Oprah Winfrey on her new tv series Oprah Talks. There, Elba’s wife said, “ We didn’t change the way we interacted. I could have made a decision to put myself in a separate room or maybe stay away, and I’m sure people are making those decisions. But I made the decision to want to be with him and still touch him”.

Ah well, she made her own decision and she’s old enough to do so. But with the number of Covid-19 cases exceeding 300,000, then her one additional case is not just totally avoidable, but it is also deliberate. It is now an extra task upon the already overstretched medical personnel ,as well as on the global supply chain of equipment for OTHER Unfortunate cases! This, too speaks volumes of the man Elba , to have accepted Sabrina’s decision in the first place . And what about the kids if they have any? With BOTH parents infected, who looks after them?

Mercifully, both feel healthy with no major symptoms reported. That said, I find this action; self- isolating in the same room with a confirmed case- to be the highest display of not love, no, but FOOLHARDINESS. It is an act of rashness unimaginable in these already perilous times.

Checking through Twitter though, I am amazed to find that some tweeps still find this to be love. Hassy_Sassy says- this is what we call true love, I respect her for that. However, several others do not quite share her sentiment. Abdool_moh says- she has added to the problem and you people call that love? God keep that kind of love far away from me. Some other posts are downright morbid- What useless love. I ask if they have kids. What if they both don’t make it, God forbid, who will take care of the kids? The woman is plain mad.(p_ronah). What if SHE dies and he recovers?(original _belh). OluniyiGates stated- I read that story and thought, how horny can anyone be?! This last one from Nicolas Sirengo asks the very question on my mind as well- if everyone did that, do you think we would be able to fight this pandemic?

Now take a look at another man and his wife, the football ace Robert Lewandowski. The Polish International and Bayern Munich forward was posting scintillating performances this season before the interruption. He had scored 25 goals in 23 matches before the Bundesliga, like other sporting events was suspended owing to the Covid 19 pandemic. Bavaria, the largest German state ( I have been there once incidentally) where Bayern Munich is based has imposed a 2 week ban on going outdoors. But while they are in isolation, the Lewandowskis have decided to demonstrate love to world, the kind I would call true, selfless love. Robert Lewandowski and his wife Anna have donated a whopping one million euros (£924,000) to support efforts at combating coronavirus disease.

The message from Lewandowski in making the donation is particularly heart-warming:

“Let’s be strong in this fight and be unanimous. If we can help someone SAFELY; lets do it. Let’s be responsible” (capitals mine). For me, I am down with the Lewandowski love model; they are my star CoronaCouple!

Covid 19 Battle Heroes                                                                                                                                                                                    —–‐———————————————-‐———————————————————————————-

Usama Riaz is a young man who has given his life for many others. The medical doctor Riaz had been screening and treating patients with Covid -19 in Pakistan. He treated the sick even though there was no personal protective equipment ppe at his hospital; he used but a flimsy face mask to do the work. He knew the odds were stacked but soldiered on in service; alas, he lost the fight against the virus himself and gave up the ghost on Sunday March 22 2020. Pakistan’s Chief Minister Hafeezur Rahman says Riaz will be awarded the status of a national hero. The United States Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Affairs, Alice Wells has also paid tribute to Dr Riaz.


An experimental vaccine against Covid-19 has been developed in America, reportedly in record time. On Monday March 16 a woman, a healthy mother of two became the first person in world history to test the vaccine .This human trial could result in the discovery of a potential vaccine for the virus; saving hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. So far, the woman has remained healthy with no symptoms reported. For Jennifer Haller- a standing ovation!!

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