Nude Photo Scandal Hits US Army

The United States Senate Armed Services Committee is due to hold a hearing next week on a sex scandal that hit the American army during the week.

The Pentagon has promised to conduct a full investigation into the scandal

The scandal initially broke when current and former members of the US Marines were discovered sharing naked photos of female servicewomen on Facebook, in a group called “Marines United”.

It reportedly had over 30,000 members before being shut down. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has begun an investigation into the practice in the Marines.

Since then, it has emerged that other anonymous online message boards have been soliciting and publishing hundreds of nude photos of female personnel from other armed forces.



Defence Secretary James Mattis said “all appropriate action” was being taken in all branches of the armed forces.

General Robert Neller said he hoped more women would come forward to help the investigation.

Speaking at a Pentagon news conference on Friday, General Neller said he did not know how many Marines were involved in the posting, or how many have been targeted.

The US Department of Defense said in a statement that it had issued “policy guidance” to prevent and deal with “sexual harassment and hazing”.