Northern Pastors Lament Persecution of Members

Yakubu Busari ,Jos 

The National President of Arewa Pastors Forum For Peace (APFFP) Bishop Mbayor Japheth has said the most persecuted and attacked people in the world today are the Northern Christian minorities living in the 19 northern states of Nigeria since the return of democracy in 1999.

Addressing the Plateau State chapter during the inauguration of the state officials held at Usiju Center in GRA, Jos on Friday, Bishop Japheth stated that herders and Boko Haram insurgents have made life terrible for Christians living in the northern part of the country

According to him, the forum which has a total of 300,000 membership across the 19 States in the north must band together and foster unity amongst themselves so as to defeat a common enemy of the church .

He expressed dissatisfaction with the manner the Christian Association Of Nigerian, CAN is organised and called for more focus from the body, urging it to stop what he called “ politics of denominations differences and embrace each other by bringing ideas that can built unity, love and understanding or else it will not achieve their main purpose unity.”

The Bishop said that the Arewa Pastors for peace is not a political party or a pressure group but an umbrella body with the sold aim of reinvigorating love and preaching unity of one that need to come together stand to work for God vineyards without fear or molestation.

Also, the National Coordinator of Planning & Logistics, Bishop Jonathan Maji emphasized said the church is a unifying factor stressing its purpose of spiritual connectivity to mankind under the will of God.

Maji cautioned the church leaders that “economically, politically, traditionally and culturally are all originate from Christendom so we should reunite as Christians to build confidence and respect for one another to help propagate the message of God.”

The Chairman Plateau state chapter, Rev.Sylvester Dombin encouraged members to remain committed to the ideas that will promote peaceful coexistence amongst our denominations in Plateau state and its environs .