Nigerian Participants Hail MMM Return

Nigerian participants in the Ponzi scheme, MMM, have heaved a sigh of relief with the announced re-opening of the suspended scheme by Russian founder, Sergey Mavrodi.

In a bid to reassure over 3 million Nigerian participants in it scheme, Sergey Mavrodi, yesterday issued a release to re-open transactions on January 13, a day to the scheduled return on January 14, 2017. Many Nigerians who had waited with baited breathe since the suspension of the scheme before the Christmas holidays took to the comments pages of most papers and other social media platforms to express their delight and pledge to continue their continued participation. The fact that Mavrodi’s was still cautious in his statement had no restraint on many. Statements such as “thank God for His mercies”, “God has answered our prayers”, and “MMM for life” dominated the reactions

In a statement announcing its return, Mavrodi said it was setting a cap on daily withdrawals, in order to control panic among its patrons.

“The holidays are over, and we’re now open. Just as promised. (You might have already noticed that we always stick to our promises),”.

“Actually, we promised to be open on January 14, but we’re open now, January 13, as you can see, which is a day earlier. (Well, I hope, the members of the System will forgive us for that).

“It’s related to the hysteria raised by the authorities and the mass media around MMM. By joining forces, they’ve managed to nearly give the members of the System a heart attack and have frightened them out of their wits.

“Poor souls don’t know what to expect. Will we open again or not? This is why we’ve decided, considering the situation, to reach out to the members, reassure and cheer them up by opening a little earlier.”

Urging the media to “leave the scheme alone”, he said payments would start in a few days citing panic withdrawals as a reason.

“As of this notice, MMM resumes its usual operation. You can now create your GH-requests. However, it’s obvious that panic will reign in the first few days after the re-opening of the System. We’re likely to be deluged by GH-requests.

“Therefore, we’re going to make gradual paybacks by setting internal output limits. In other words, we will only pay a certain amount per day. Please, be prepared to wait for a couple of days. We are certain things will then calm down, and the System operation will return to normal.

“We’re the ones setting the limits, so it’s completely under our control, and we are not expecting any emergencies in principle. Have no fear and go on about your business as usual.

“As the System is socially oriented, we will make paybacks to the poor and the economically disadvantaged in the first place: it means to the members with small PH amounts.

“The richer can wait. Moreover, we’ve warned you repeatedly to only provide help with amounts that are not critical for you. Therefore, if these large amounts are not critical for them (the richer), they can wait a few days. No need to be tragic about it.

“This is the way it’s going to be. I’d like again to call on the authorities and the mass media: Please, leave us alone! Have mercy on people.”

Yet there are some skeptica participants who are complaining that they  cannot ‘Get Help” (GH), which called for a another message from Mavrodi,

“Note that you can now see your available for withdrawal amount but Get Help button is not active to create GH orders now. Plsbe patient!”