NGO Urges FG to Stop Kidnapping of Students

Yakubu Busari, Jos

Dr Ijeoma Ayuba presenting an award to recipients at an event held by the NGO

A Non Governmental Organisation with the aim of promoting reading, learning and growing literacy  has condemned the kidnapping of schools children and the disruption of a learning culture amongst the northern Nigerians, urging the Federal Government to pull all the stops to stem the scourge.

The Chief Executive Officer of the body, popularly called Releglon, Dr Ijeoma Ayuba and the Chairman of the Governing Council, Mr Uche Okpata, said the forcible abduction of girls from Government Secondary Schools in Chibok and Dapchi has demonstrated the growing climate of insecurity, tension and fear in the North East .

Dr Ayuba called on Nigerians to stand up and speak out on behalf of Leah and the remaining vulnerable  Chibok girls who are still in captivity in the hand of notorious Boko Haram terrorist gang .

She solicited the intervention of international organizations to arrest the rising cases of intimidation and molestation which had affected learning culture amongst the teaming youths, especially the girl child, who have suffered enough deprivation in the area of western education.

According to her ,”let us make it very clear here that we do not believe that these terrorist activities are the work of those peaceful herders who enjoy living in harmony with the natives in centuries are now enemies 

“We also mourn for voiceless persons like Leah who are victims of a system that has failed to secure their fundamental human rights to freedom, life free worship, education and other inalienable rights of universal human dignity and worth.”

Dr Ayuba explained that the failure to stop Boko Haram incursion into other parts of the country since 2015 , particularly the northeastern part of the country where they have been waging an orchestrated campaign of ethnic genocide, has made women and children the worst hit.

Mr Uche Okpata disclosed that the  aims of instituting the organisation is to “enliven our drab mannerism and persona towards reading. It is said knowledge is power. And knowledge cannot be acquired in the absence of reading. In other words, anyone who aspires to become great must not trifle with reading.

“Our past heroes who fought for independence of the country had one thing in common: erudition or studiousness. They gave their time to reading and studying global political revolution and events as to know the right time for the abolition of imperialistic governance in our clime.

“ Compatriots such as late Obafemi Awolowo, late Herbert Macaulay, late Nnamid Azikiwe,   were erudite individuals who sacrificed their times to painstaking reading to distinguish themselves in terms of leadership and political sagacity.

Show me a reader, and I will show you a great man or great leader. Before the devil inflicts a nation with retrogression or retardation, he first attacks the reading and learning consciousness and penchant of the citizenry.

We should be bothered by the vacuum the extinction of the generation of individuals such as Wole Soyinka, Chinua  Achebe, Festus Iyayi, T.M Aluko, Elechi Amadi, Ben Okri, Cyprian Ekwensu, etc would create on the country! It is indisputable that their sense of erudition has exponentially given fillip to our sociopolitical advancement.

“Nigeria is today sunk into the doldrums of underdevelopment because of our shaky penchant for reading. Reading creates and promotes awareness. And awareness is a sine qua non  for development and improvement. 

“We equally have the programmes that would put paid to examinational malpractices and shore up our fallen standard of education. We have many packages in the pipeline which will be released to you in due course.”