Lockdown: Nigeria, India, Pakistan Sub- Sahara Can Cause Riots If They Over-do Things, Says Bill Gates

….Shrugs off Accusation of Agenda on World Control



By Ayo Kehinde



Co-Chairman of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Bates has urged developing countries, which are weak in social structures and basic health facilities to be creative in handing the coronavirus pandemic in order to avoid social unrest.

Speaking during a CNN programme, Fareed Zakaria GPS, on Sunday, the billionaire founder of Microsoft who named some of these countries to include Nigeria, India, Pakistan and other sub-Saharan African countries, said a major challenge facing these countries is testing capacity beside lack of health facilities, adding that with the initial stage of transmission by oversea travellers entering the next stage of community transfer, the developed world need to offer assistance with finance and tools to the the countries.

He said, “One of the greatest challenges in places like India, Pakistan, Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa in testing capacity. Initially the source of spread (of the disease) was those who traveled form abroad. But as they begin lockdown, the governments should not over do it so they do not get riots. People need food. The governments have to be more creative on how people get food during the lockdown.

“With lack of basic health care extreme measures are tougher, poor countries and poor citizens will bear the brunt. They would need external financing and tools.”

Bill Gates whose foundation has committed billions in dollars to fight debilitating diseases such as polio, malaria and guinea worm besides supporting small businesses in developing countries, also took time during the interview to respond to what Zakara called a growing conspiracy theory that he is co-funding a vaccine aimed to reduce the world population with the ultimately aim to dictate mankind’s fortune.

He waved off the criticism and explained that after putting his energy into helping the vulnerable globally, it was sad that such a conspiracy theory existed.

He said: “Well, having put a lot of energy to working to support the vulnerable, sadly, I think where did I fall short. The irony is that this is very straightforward. I do not know why people want to do this for political or scientific ends”