Imo 2019: Group Pledges Support For Opara-Ndudu

A non-political group, known as Association of Concerned  Indigenes  of Imo State ( ACIIS), has commended Nick Opara-Ndudu,  a banker and former commissioner , for his  decision to  vie for the governorship  in 2019  election in Imo State, saying that it was  a bold initiative  that would  liberate  Imolites from the current  socioeconomic and  political slavery in the state.

The group which spoke at the weekend in Owerri, through Zacchaeus Ikwonma, its acting Publicity Secretary, said “the current state of things in Imo State is tantamount  to slavery and  only  a  person with purposeful  leadership ability can liberate  Imo people from ugly situation. And it is for this reason that we are commending Opara-Ndudu for his bold step to mount the gauntlet for the liberation of the state.”

Ikwonma said that “in the last seven years, Imo State has been reduced to a fiefdom and run as a private estate to the exclusion of the people for the benefit of family members of the power- that-be and his cronies”, adding that “in Imo, live has become solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short for the people and it is personalities like Opara-Ndudu the Imolites need to put things right in the state.”

He said ACIIS which is a nonprofit organisation was formed to save Imo State from misrule perpetrated by the current administration in the state.

“Imo people want a selfless leadership; one who is devoid of cronyism, bootlickers, rent-seeking, impunity and manipulation sas well as the subjugation and subordination of the state legislature to the apron string of the state executive, which has assigned it executive roles against the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” said the group.

Opara-Ndudu had late last year informed Imolites in the country and other parts of the world about  his interest to run for governorship race in 2019 general elections on the ticket of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) pledging to put things right if given the mandate to run the state.

In a recent letter which, was addressed to “Dear compatriots” and titled“Imo Governorship 2019- Declaration of Intent”, Opara-Ndudu lamented the deplorable state of infrastructure in the state and urged   Imolite to be ready for a change for a better Imo in 2019.

ACIIS called on all the citizens of Imo State across the country and the world to support Opara-Ndudu to enable him emerge as the governor of the state in 2019, adding that the “ emergence of Opara-Ndudu ,who is coming on the platform of APGA ,will save Imolites from the  slavery in the state.

The group said another reason it is pledging its support for Opara-Ndudu derives from its belief that Imo State that should go for the third force to liberate Imo people.

“The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress  (APC) have ruled the state  and nothing to show for the  almost 16 years they have  held sway in the state, hence we need somebody from another party and  APGA is perfectly in order because it is our party,” it declared , adding that Opara-Ndudu meets our criteria.

“We want to do it the Anambra way. We want APGA to dominate politics in Imo State. No other party should be allowed anymore because they have nothing good to offer the Imolites,” it added