I have No Court Case To Answer, Says Kashamu

Senator Buruji Kashamu has faulted calls for his arrest, stating that he has no court case to answer anywhere as he has been cleared by judgments from British and Nigerian courts of any allegations.

He blames his current travails on perceived political opponents bent on undoing his election as a Senator representing Ogun East Senatorial District in the Senate.

“In a signed released meant to ‘set the records straight ,’ he said, judgement by an American court cannot supersede those from British and Nigerian courts by virtue of their relationship and the fact that he had never visited nor resided in the US.

“If the British courts gave two judgments which have not been appealed till date (14years after) and the same have been affirmed by several Nigerian courts, how then can anyone say that the recent US court ruling, which arose from a suit I filed against my abduction, is superior or has overriding effect over the previous and subsisting judgments of the British and Nigerian courts?”

He said, “I have never visited or resided in the U.S and certainly have never been involved in any business not to talk of a criminal activity whatsoever in the US.”, adding that he was mistaken for a brother, named Adewale, who was been trailed for drug related offenses by US, Beninoise and Togolese security authorities during the period of his trial.

“During the proceedings, the Togolese and Beninoise governments through their top officers from their Interpol units who testified that I had a brother named Adewale who was being pursued by the two Governments for drug related crimes.

“Beninoise Interpol produced evidence showing that the Benin telephone number, through which the convicted US offenders communicated with their West African collaborator, belonged to my brother Adewale Kashamu and not me, Buruji Kashamu.

“They also produced bank statements of an account maintained in Bank of Africa, Cotonou by Adewale, which had recorded movement of about 2 million US Dollars, even during the period that I was being incarcerated in Brixton prisons facing the extradition proceedings.

“The Bow Street Magistrate Court delivered its judgment on the 10th of January 2003 wherein District Judge Tim Workman came to the conclusion that the new identification evidence produced by the US Government was worthless and unreliable and that I was clearly not the person involved in the narcotics transaction for which the indictment was made in the US and should thus be discharged.

“Upon my release from the United Kingdom following the judgment of the Bow Street Magistrate Court on the 10th of January 2003, I returned to Nigeria and rebuilt my businesses.

“I also soon became actively involved in politics especially in Ogun State and by 2008 some politicians who see me as a threat to their ambitions commenced a campaign of calumny against me alleging that I was a convicted drug dealer who had been jailed in the United Kingdom for five years for drug related offenses and wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America for similar offenses.

“The Interpol department of the Nigerian Police Force conducted investigations into the allegations and published a report dated 4th March, 2008, and signed by ACP Haruna H. Mshelia, in which it stated among other things:

“That all our letters written to Interpol London, Lyon, Washington and Cotonou relating to enquiries on criminal/drug/conviction records of the suspect were returned negative to the effect that the suspect was never convicted of such offense in their territory.”

“Put succinctly, in view of the facts that I was arrested and detained on the request of the American Government between 1998 and 2003, and two British courts found that I was not the person being sought and freed me, after two extradition proceedings, the Federal Government, its agencies or any of its officers ought not to entertain any purported extradition or abduction.

“Yet, they made another move in May 2015, which was dismissed by the Federal High Court, Abuja. It is trite that once a case has been dismissed, it cannot be filed in court again. There is no way American court can override British and Nigerian courts.”