Herders/Farmers Clashes: Enough is Enough, Say Plateau Elders


Yakubu Busari Jos

The Coalition of Plateau Patriots Elders in Plateau State have accused some politicians in the state for promoting ethnic agenda which made some youths in the state to hijack main roads and burned vehicles properties of innocent Nigerians.

Elders in the state under the auspices of, ‘The Coalition of Plateau Patriots’ made this bold revelations at a News Conference half at the Eliel Centre, Jos.

Addressing the press conference amidst thousands of representative from the seventeen local governments of the state, the spokesperson, Sylvanus D. Lot said they were compelled to come out to condemn the spate of attacks by suspected arms herdsmen and other criminal elements, leading to the death of many citizens.

“Enough is enough. We are not at war with each other, but from today henceforth, we the other ethnic nationalities shall not condone the killings of our citizens of our citizens on the high ways in the same anger.

” We are therefore calling on Patriotic Berom Elders and all well- meaning elders in the state to step in and call to order these criminal elements whose political ambitions is pitting them against other ethnic groups in the state.

“May we caution here that no ethnic group can survive in this state alone. We must be united and no other group should see themselves as more superior than the others.

” We also condemn in strong terms the attacks on the governor’s convoy and to tell the hoodlums that their days are numbered. Governance does not belong to few ethnic groups and neither is violence the monopoly of these groups.

“After all, Plateau pro or sacrificed and supported a Berom Man to become Governor. The Berom must see that in that regard. Today, the Goemai man is on the seat, tomorrow will be the turn of another ethnic group in the state.

“We consider the stoning of the Governor as an introduction of a very dangerous dimension that is Plateau politics, that if not stopped could become a source of great instability as as ethnic groups target goal governors from the other ethnicities for humiliation or even assassination.

” Finally, the question to ask is, why is it that this instability has consistently remain in Riyom, Barkin Ladi, Bassa Bokkos and some parts of Jos South? What is the real problem between Fulani herdsmen and these indigenous groups.
That has festered without an end in sight? What is this problem that could leads to killings cattle ousting? ”

The elders however called on both state and federal governments to unravel the problem and find lasting solution