Helicopters As Escorts On Abuja-Kaduna Train

Mixed passengers from the high, middle and low in Nigeria scramble for space on the Abuja-Kaduna train following control of the road by bandits




By Emmanuel Ochum


This morning before 7:00 am, I was among the lucky chaps that secured a ticket to travel from Kubwa/ Abuja to Kaduna by train.

A few minutes after the train moved from Kubwa Station, I noticed that Helicopters were hovering close to our train and flying towards the Forrest surrounding us.

When I saw about two of the Helicopters not more 5 minutes later, my thinking was that the Nigerian security agency have reacted to the kidnappings on the Abuja highway and are combing the Forrest for the marauders.

l momentarily felt happy that at last, something good was been done about the security situation.

My happiness was busted when one of the Nigerian Railways Corporation staff checking our tickets informed us that the Corporation hired the three Helicopters on a private deal to guard us to Kaduna.

I was further convinced by his explanation when I did not see the inscription of the Police on any of the Helicopters.

That was how three Helicopters hovered over us this morning until we reached Rigasa.

The hypocrisy of the Nigerian elites toward us became more obvious when when we were deboarding, I saw two Nigerian Senators and other high ranking officers among the passengers that just came down.

I hung my head in shame as I assessed the situation.

So the elites can do anything possible to protect themselves but leave others unprotected.

How many of those Helicopters are on the roads where the kidnappings are taking place?

How many helpless passengers will be passing the road today with only prayers as their protection?

This is typical of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where some animals are more equal than others.