‘He is Starving Me Of Sex,’ American Granny Cries Over 23-year Old Nigeria Lover

By Lucy Tope

She went to the Police and complained that her 23-year old Nigeria husband always abandons her for hours on end, particularly in the evening with the excuse that he was going to buy fuel for their generator.

“He does not come back until very late in the evening. The answer he always gives is that he went to buy fuel and was delayed by a long queue. I don’t see him at home and I don’t know what he is doing”

With this report by Mrs. Oche, that is what the police source preferred to call her, the police from a Lekki station, where she lodged her complaint, swung into action.

The Investigating Police Officer went to the couples Lekki Phase 1 home and found her husband’s younger brother and invited him to the station as bait to lure the real culprit.

After several hours, said the police source to Thisage, Mr Oche showed up. He was promptly detained.

Surprisingly, Mrs Oche, the 73 year old American who consummated his Internet induced love in a marriage with the Nigerian youngster, two years ago, stormed the police station upon being told of her hubby’s detention.

Furious, she demanded for his release and unbraided the police for detaining him overnight.

“I want him to come home, not to stay behind your bars”, She was said to have told the police, and they promptly released him.

But fearing the case might create a diplomatic row between Nigeria and the United States, the police contacted the US embassy, where they were told that she had earlier been warned about the implications of her action when she embarked on her mission two years ago. The Police then let the case be.

What however fascinated the police was the seemingly odd but real complaint of the old lady, described as smallish with freckled face. It was sex.

“He doesn’t want to have sex with me, why?” She wanted the Police to help. “Anytime he comes home after searching for fuel, he sleeps on the floor. He doesn’t join me on the bed”.

When the Police asked her why at her age she was still quarreling about sex, she exploded, “What! Sex is good, very good, and I love it”.

Mrs Collins, now Uche, was widowed many years ago and her husband left her a legacy.

After she settled matters with her two children, a son aged 50 and a daughter aged 55, she decided to search for new life.

That was when she met Ochei in the Internet and agreed to his proposal which led her to come to Nigeria and wed him.

Helplessly, she told the police she had done everything Ochei asked of her, including building a country home for his family in one of the states in the Southeastern part of the country and the one they are living in Lekki.

Her main headache is that Ochei is finding every excuse in his books not to have sex with her as she wants. Ochei, according to the police refused to join words with her or deny her complaint.

The couples had to be left alone to find a way to settle their challenge, said the police source.