‘George Daika ‘ll Be Governor of Plateau State’

By Yakubu Busari



Former Speaker of the Plateau House of Assembly, George Daika has refuted the statements credited to the Director of Press and Public Affairs to Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau state, describing him as a failed politician looking for relevance through criticism of the efforts of the administration in the state.

In a statement made available to our correspondent by his support group, George Daika Support Group, the former speaker said: “Our attention has been drawn to a scripted hatchet job by a top Plateau State Government functionary who has problems with isues  of development and will rather assassinate the character of those who have served this state meritoriously just for the sake of his stomach.

“For the records,  Rt. Hon. George Daika been an elder and the pioneer Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly in the fourth Republic and for sometime avoided speaking on issues affecting our Dear State.

“To disabuse the mind of the reader and Plateau citizens whom the author of the article sought to pit against Rt. Hon. George Daika, we wish to state the following:

“Governor Lalong despite been a lawyer who ought to be well acquainted with the provision of the law on defection by lawmakers mislead his colleagues to defect from the PDP as Speaker of the State House of Assembly despite the fact that there was no crisis or factionalism in the party which led to their seats been declared vacant and for which he hold the  infamous record of been the only Speaker in the history of Nigeria to have had his seat declared vacant.

“It is on record that Governor Lalong was a visitor of the EFCC and will become a visitor once again after the expiration of his one tenure in 2019, something which Rt. Hon. George Daika, despite having served as a Speaker and a former Federal Lawmaker has never had. It was under Governor Lalong watch as Speaker that Ecological Funds given to Plateau State was misappropriated.

“While Rt. Hon. George Daika has projects he cited in his village, Lalong as at today does not have even a borehole he sank in Ajikamai his village. Anytime he travels  home, a  tanker has to bring water from Shendam.

“It is a fact that almost three years down, no project has been commissioned by Governor Lalong.
He did inherit 33 projects and initiated 19 new ones but till date none has been commissioned.

The procurement act stipulates that mobilisation fee of 15 per should be paid to contractors. In violation of the act,  Lalong Government paid only 10 per cent to contractors.  At best,  the projects he recently gave are to hoodwinked the electorates to vote him again (Once beateen twice shy).

The author of the article  said Rt. Hon. George Daika pays nocturnal visits to Governor Lalong but was cowardly not able to shed more light.

It is on record that Rt. Hon. George Daika as an elder and one who plays politics without bitterness  visited the Governor alongside his family to condole with the Governor when he lost his younger brother. Is this the so-called nocturnal visit?

We challenge the Government hirelings to come clean and tell the world details of their imaginary nocturnal meetings which were clearly aimed at impeaching the character of Hon. Daika.

Governor Lalong is our Governor and we will continue to support his Government with the necessary advice and criticism at all times while also mindful of the fact that you do not teach a man his job especially when he requested for such job out of his volition.

“While the author and his ilk are thinking of 2019, Hon. Daika is concerned about the inept leadership in Plateau State and the bleak future it portends.

With what we are currently seeing especially the paltry less than 11 billion Naira spent by the Government this fiscal year on capital projects,  definitely vacancy exists in Little Rayfield come 2019.

It is not just about Rt. Hon. George Daika but rather providing Plateau State with a credible alternative.

“A referendum on the Government perfomance will present itself in 2019 and if God wills it that Rt. Hon. George Daika will be the Governor of Plateau State,  no amount of blackmail will stop it from coming to pass.