FG’s Reaction To Dapchi Girl’s Abduction: We are Not All Suffering From Amnesia


By Wole Badmus



The FORUM OF NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS IN NIGERIA (FONGON) has observed with profound discontent, attempts by some prime actors in the Nation’s slump into the abyss of economic quagmire and untoward state of insecurity to reinvent the wheel and distort narratives regarding the present state of things.

Concerted efforts are equally being made by these men of yesterday and their cronies to undermine the various attempts by the present administration to correct the anomalies and prevent the ship of the nation from the storm of distress.

But for the sterling revelation by the Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, on the insensitivity of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to the abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls, praise singers and horse tenders like Reno Omokri will presume that Nigerians are suffering from collective amnesia of records of individuals and elements that were responsible for plunging the nation into the present mess, most especially as they relate to insecurity in the land.

It will be recalled that Reno, in one of his fantasy tweets and conscious attempt at rewriting history, accused President Buhari of not doing enough to see to the safe return of the Dapchi Girls, and that, in his time, President Jonathan’s reaction to the issue of the Chibok girls’ abduction was better.

No doubt, people like Reno are the proverbial mud splasher who,because they are clothed in dirt, believe everyone must remain unkempt.

We stand with President Muhammadu Buhari in his assertion at Damaturu, Yobe State that “The Federal Government’s response to the unfortunate abduction of the schoolgirls is a clear departure from the insensitivity of the past administration which looked the other way while the Chibok girls were taken away in 2014 and held in captivity for over three years.

“Due to our commitment, over 100 Chibok girls have been rescued and reunited with their families, sent back to school and empowered with requisite skills.”

Facts are sacred. if the last administration had been 50% upright and responsive in discharging her security obligation and social contract to the country, the present regime will not be overburdened with the task of clearing the Augean Stable from the scratch.

Despite the bogus claim of spending over $10Billion on the fight against insurgency, it would be recalled that as at May, 29, 2015 when the GEJ Administration was exiting the cradle of leadership in the country, over 20 Local Government Areas in Borno were under the control of the Boko Haram Terrorist Sect. Even Abuja, the seat of the

Federal Government, was not safe from the rampaging insurgents and to pass the message that they were really in control, they hoisted their flags in the ‘conquered’ territories. This is in sharp contrast to the prevailing reality at the moment where the sect had been massively degraded and no longer poses a threat beyond some cowardly suicide bombings and kidnappings.

Of course, Nigerians are conscious of the fact that it takes terrorists to be lucky once on their numerous targets and our gallant troops to be lucky always in countering and averting any of their many advances, hence they can understand the Dapchi kidnap from that perspective.

While the Dapchi incident was one of the few occasions where the insurgents were lucky, it is our considered opinion that the timely response and practical measures being taken by the Federal Government will procure the desired prospect in a not too distant future.

Unlike the Chibok saga, when it took the then Government over 18 days of self- denial and strings of uncoordinated, feeble and isolated efforts at rescuing the girls, the DAPCHI Situation is a different ball game, with the swift and coordinated response of Government. Within four days, the Federal Government’s delegation twice visited the scene of the Dapchi abduction. A centre coordinating unit of the military has also been moved there and need we mention the appropriate visitation of Mr. President to the scene of the incident.

With all these well-thought-out steps, it is our considered opinion that the return of the Dapchi and final batch of the Chibok Girls is only a matter of time. What is required of genuine lovers of this great country is prayer and support for the leadership to succeed and not unnecessary display of partisanship and crude politicking as exemplified by Reno and his crowd.

Wole Badmus is National Coordinator, FONGON