Eggs Scandal Hit Germany, Belgium Netherlands UK

About 700,000 eggs have been sent to the UK from potentially contaminated Dutch farms, up from an early estimate of 21,000, the food watchdog has said.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said it was very unlikely that there was a risk to public health.

However, 13 products containing egg – including sandwiches and salads – have been withdrawn from supermarkets.

Dutch police, according to the BBC have now arrested two people suspected of using the insecticide fipronil.

The FSA said the 700,000 figures represented 0.007 per cent of eggs eaten in the UK each year.

It added that in the UK, the Dutch eggs were not sold as fresh eggs but used in foods with many other ingredients – mostly sandwich fillings or other chilled foods.

It said traces of fipronil – which can be harmful to humans – were mixed with other eggs so chemical residues would be “highly diluted”.

The British Egg Industry Council said shell eggs on sale to consumers in the UK were not affected.

It said: “All major UK retailers stock British Lion shell eggs and tests have shown that there is no risk from British eggs.”

Supermarkets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have withdrawn millions of eggs from sale.

Processed foods containing eggs, including sandwiches and salads, have been recalled from UK supermarkets including at Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Asda.