‘Dickson, Best Bayelsa Governor So Far’

Governor Seriake Dickson, of Bayelsa State has been described as a huge asset, given the facelift he has brought to the state so far.

A leading politician from the South-West, Otunba Idowu Odewale, who made the assertion, noted that the Governor had succeeded in taking the state to greater heights in spite of the grim economic and financial situation in the country.

He observed that the governor had transformed Bayelsa under few years through the provision basic infrastructure that were obtainable in any developed country.

This, Odewale noted, was in spite of the peculiar difficult topography and terrain of the littoral state.

Odewale added that Dickson has consistently made a difference by running an all-inclusive administration that believes in harnessing all potentials capable of placing Bayelsa ahead of its peers anywhere in the country.

While describing Dickson as a truly detribalized leader, Odewale said the administration had provided expanded a good road network that has made the state a genuine investor’s destination and haven for tourists.

Odewale stated that it was remarkable that the governor also believed in empowering the people by teaching them how to fish instead of the past tradition of giving people peanuts like beggars.  He said the pragmatic steps so far taken by the governor have not only buoyed the integrity rating of the people but also transformed the landscape of Bayelsa through added aesthetic value chain.

“He is a blessing and asset to Bayelsa, because the people are proud of his leadership style that promotes transparency, as opposed to impunity and disdain. He has been able to demystify governance in Bayelsa and indeed in the country by proving that things can work with a leadership that is sincere, transparent, competent, resourceful and visionary in position of authority and power in place, ” Odewale noted.

He explained that Dickson had carved a niche for himself as Mr Restoration by restoring the glory of Bayelsa as a land of immense opportunities begging to be fully harnessed, adding that his frontal battle against corruption in public places has heralded a new dawn in government business.



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