David On Why Beckham Marriage Succeeds

Manchester Football legend and fashion icon, David Beckham has given reasons for the success of his 18 year marriage to model Victoria despite their 2004 tiff that had to be settled out of court.

Speaking yesterday on BBC, David said love; strong family values and the decision to stay together despite the odds have assisted the couples to make a success of their marriage.

David who had said in public during their 2004 quarrels, “nothing can break me and Victoria”, noted that because of their strong family background, they both had a head start to work for the success of their marriage.

He said, “ Because we both grew under family with strong values, we are today a strong family. Marriage is difficult at times and it is about working for its success.

“We know each other better than any one else knows us. Marriage comes with its challenges.

“We stayed together because we love each other, we stay together because we have four loving children.

“Of course we have got tough time, but you know, we are very respectful of ourselves and when we go through tough times we walk through it as a family. At time like that we ask ourselves do we stay together because we are a brand or do we stay together because we love each other “