COVID-19: Plant-Based Drugs Better for Treatment, Says Reverend Fr Adodo




By Ayo Kehinde





Reverend Father Anselm Adodo in charge of the herbal medicine center at the Catholic Seminary in Ewu, Edo State, has unveiled a treatment for the coronavirus, called CVD Plus, saying, ”plant- based drugs, whether crude or refined are seemingly the best alternative approach to the COVID-19 menace”, for now.

According to him in a statement announcing the drug, on Wednesday, Fr Adodo, whose brand from his Pax Herbal Clinic and Research Laboratories, stable are household alternative drugs in most homes across Africa, said he was not against orthodox drug usage for treatment of the virus, except that, “the new generation of vaccine development for combating emergency diseases needs time because of safety profiling. On the other hand, plant-based formulations are easily manufactured, stored and distributed and are readily acceptable to the local population”

He disclosed that NAFDAC has expressed its readiness to speed up regulation, evaluation and approval of the new drug, and recommended Pax products such as Paxherbal Bitters, Pax herbal Bitter Tea and Paxherbal Health tea for the management of many of the symptoms associated with Covid-19, in the interim.

Paxherbal, he said, benefitted from the cooperation of Dr. Peter Adigwe, Director-general of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development and his counterpart at the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research, Professor Tunde Salako, during the making of the drug.