Covid-19: Media NGOs To Enhance Community Broadcasters’ Capacity for Coverage


Dr Akingbulu, standing, during an event hosted by the IMS recently



The Institute for Media and Society, IMS, and the Nigeria Community Radio Coalition(NCRC) are launching a series of training activities for community broadcasters across the country in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The online training activities will build the capacity of journalists in grassroots community radio stations across the country.

In a statement by the Executive Director of IMS, Dr Akin Akingbulu, Thursday, “the need to do consistent and thorough public education on the COVID-19 pandemic, for the large sections of the population who live in the grassroots is most urgent.

“These broadcast media outfits which operate within the communities have very important roles to play. This carefully packaged training series will strengthen them to deliver better in providing rich, accurate and ethical coverage and giving voice to grassroots citizens in the fight to overcome this global scourge.”

He said the training events will be complemented with collaborative work through resource sharing. Contents from individual stations and other good-practice resources will be exchanged among the network of participating broadcasters.

He said; “The human resources for facilitating this work will traverse professions, ranging from the health to the media sectors. A large proportion will be drawn from our constituency, that is, from among community broadcasting advocates and broadcasting development professionals.

“Our messages to request you to help perform specific roles will reach you from time to time.

” The initiative promises to be a great and impactful experience, to which our organizations and the Broadcasting stations are looking forward.