COVID-19: Germany Bans Group of more Than Two Persons As Merker Self-Quarantines

Merkel, left.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in quarantine after meeting a doctor on Friday who has since tested positive for the virus, her spokesman said.

She was told about the contact after a press conference on Sunday in which she announced further measures to try to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Her government banned meetings of more than two people outside work and home for two weeks.

More on the new restrictions imposed by the German government moments ago, banning gatherings of more than two people outside work and home.

“Our behaviour is the most effective way” of slowing the rate of infection, Chancellor Angela Merkel said of the nationwide measures.

Some exceptions will be allowed, including for people living under the same roof and going out together for fresh air.

The government has also ordered hairdressers and beauty, massage and tattoo parlours to close and restaurants will only be allowed to offer takeaway services.

The country had already closed schools and other non-essential shops. BBC